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With inspirations ranging from Beck to Eifel 65, John Ruiz aka Johnny Rubix, prides himself on his ability to create interesting, genre bending music. Perfectly representing the unique artistic landscape of Tucson, Arizona, Rubix's musical range is only limited by his imagination. As a result, it is impossible to place him in any one genre. Pop infused dance numbers such as DamnLove offer a stark contrast to the melodic stylings of a song like "Poison," which showcases Rubix's production abilities.

Self taught to play a variety of instruments, Rubix creates his own production soundscapes entirely by himself, often times playing every instrument in the song. Combined with his unique song writing talents, Rubix presents himself as one of the most versatile musicians out of Arizona. Others have taken notice, as Rubix has played massive events such as the 2015 Super Bowl Block Party in Phoenix and the Tucson Hip Hop Festival. Not limiting himself to just the creation of music, Rubix plays with new mixes and blends as a resident DJ at The Hut in Tucson. 

With four projects under his band, Rubix and the Resistance, and one solo effort under Johnny Rubix, Rubix is already reaching thousands with his witty lyrics and one of a kind production style. Appearances on The Hood Diner Podcast and Tucson radio stations such as 99.1 and 98.3 are clear signs of Johnny Rubix's impact on Tucson. It is only a matter of before the rest of the world catches on to Johnny Rubix. 


Photographer: Julio Morais

Musician: John "RUBiX" Ruiz

2018 Beepity Boops Recordings