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"All in all RUBiX's trademark is making fun music."

Flotivity Media, May 2017

 John Ruiz, known by his stage name RUBiX, is a Composer and Singer/Songwriter from Tucson, Arizona. In  2015, he released the single “This.Trees ft. Ray Montana,” with an accompanying video, sponsored by Famous Stars and Straps.  In February of 2016, he released the interstellularVibes EP on the Beepity Boops Recordings Label, generating a small amount of buzz in the local music scene. He followed up with his debut album, "Marcus Chambers: a Modern Rock Opera" on August 9th, 2016. The album spawned two successful local singles, “Name Droppin’ Sucka,” and “the Aurora." In 2017, he officially formed RUBiX & the Resistance. RUBiX & the Resistance Released their follow up EP "Stranger" on May 9th of 2017, which featured collaborations from established Tucson artists Jaca Zulu and Marley B. RUBiX & the Resistance's Sophmore album "Space Elevator" is set for release on October 19th, 2017.  RUBiX & the Resistance released the music video for "Damnlove feat. Elias" (video below) alongside the album release, which has been their most successful project to date, with over 17,000 combined views.

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